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I have been live streaming on CB for 3 years now.
When I stumbled upon that platform in the middle of the pandemic, I knew for sure that I wanted to do this. At that time, there were no Japanese women who were doing solo broadcasting within my viewing, so everything was totally uncharted to me. I had to start everything on my own, by myself. It took more than six months of preparation, but it was fun.

Every time I do a live streaming, I realize that I am a person who feels an indescribable pleasure in crossing a certain border line, encountering and interacting with unknown landscapes, experiences, and other people.

I think my first “crossing the border” was a tattoo.
In an abstract way, the skin is the closest “interface” between the outside world and the self. Before I turned 18, I wanted to cross that boundary. I needed to break my interface, rewrite it, and transform it into a new interface – The way to do that was through tattooing. I can only say that the act was necessary in order to survive.

When a person engages in an activity out of a desire to connect with others, they are willing to risk their lives, sometimes self-sacrificing, without regard for their own gain or loss, and this may be an earnest human desire.

For example, the “Kula (trade)” of Papua New Guinea, which has attracted the attention of anthropologists such as Malinowski, Morse, and Polanyi, analyzes the meaning of the act of a community that is self-sufficient within a sea area and dares to cross dangerous waters to trade.

Kula trade is a cycle of exchange between islands in the sea area. In order to stage the ritual of trading a red shell necklaces and a white shell bangles like a baton relay over a period of several years or so, the island community build a trading canoe and risk their lives to cross the sea.

There seemed have no motive like the current traders’ desire, that is to seek the profit by moving goods across borders.
It is a pure desire and ritual to meet “others” across the sea, to reacquaint oneself with the network, and to enjoy each other’s exchange.

I still remember the feeling of excitement, thrill, anxiety, and hope that I felt when I pressed the start button of the broadcast for the first time. It was like embarking on an endless adventure, a voyage of discovery.

Every time I press the start button to kick off streaming, I feel the same thrill as when I first pressed it. As if the distance between my mind and body seems to have wide and I want to go beyond my own border and exchanging pleasure with you.

I would be very happy if we can continue to enjoy mutual exploration together.




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